Aug. 23rd, 2010

plumgirl: (clouds-lake)
I remember when everyone I knew used to blog, XAnga, LJ, or do something a little bit more lengthy in terms of their contribution to the interwebs. I remember that people used to write out their thoughts instead of just updating a facebook "status" or tweeting some witty line or promotional bit (i.e., "Hi I'm going to be lalalalala here").

I wonder what happened to writing about ordinary things. Or even posting pictures with narrative and not of our selves.

Somehow Facebook seemed to have changed the discourse and the level of interaction that we all have with one another.

Somehow our collective attention span has gotten shorter and shorter, and I feel so irritated trying to mash myself in to this quick,fast world of expressing ourselves in a way that takes up the least amount of time or effort.

People seem to think that updating a little bit here and there, texting here and there, but more often is the equivalent of spending a quality day here or in the future.

I feel frustrated and old-fashioned.
Enough to just let the silences grow longer between journal entries, and enough to just write to myself, alone.

At least in my fictional realm, well... people actually still talk, listen, and thankfully do not have INTERNET.

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