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I am apparently jetlagged and allergic to the United States.

I took a quick twelve day trip through Korea -- half of it devoted to seeing relatives who I have not seen in person in twenty years -- and half of it doing a very quick tour through the East part of Korea (Mt. Seoraksan, Ulsan, Daegu, Kyongju Province, Pusan) and Cheju-do Island.

It's hard to describe everything right now. First, it's important to understand that Korea is my homeland country -- it is where my parents emigrated from. It has shaped a lot of what I like, my values, and how I view the world and how I view art.

At the moment, I'm still processing a lot of things, but I have to say that regrettably Koreans have not done its country justice when it comes to telling the rest of the world what they have. Korea is not well-marketed to the outside world, and I wish many of you could go , but to understand it fully means knowing more Korean or having an excellent translator/guide with you to explain many things. Korea is a land that is more Buddhist than Confucian (although modern Korea culture has a strong Confucian bent), and more recently Christian. You will see all elements at play in the culture, but you will see more Buddhist elements in the history.

Being a complete frazzled person, I forgot my camera battery recharger in Seoul and had to use the iPhone for half of my pictures on this tour. So far, many will be unpresentable or will need significant cleaning up in terms of picture values before I can upload them on my Photoshop gallery. I am frusrated because I wanted to do a better job of capturing the beauty I saw. I wanted to show you all how lovely Korea was this visit, with the yellow fields of flowers blooming, the cherry blossoms falling gently to the ground, and pheasants running amuck.

That is how proud and moved I was by what I saw. I wish only that others can see Korea as I did in the near future. I'll post an update when I get my Photoshop gallery up and running. Until then, you can view some pictures at

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