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With every part of the tree put to use, the paulownia was thought to bring "Good Fortune" to the house and all who entered. The tradition thrived until the 1970s, when blight wiped out the Japanese Paulownias. According to Chinese legend, the tree was an omen of good fortune because of its association with the phoenix, a mythical bird that regenerated itself in fire. The phoenix must have been as picky as a pampered cat of today, because it would alight in only the very choicest of Paulownia trees and appear only when a benevolent ruler was in power. The Paulownia thus was cultivated extensively to encourage the appearance of the phoenix.

This journal is named to complement the website Red Bird named for the Chinese Phoenix. (see explanation of how it differs from the Middle Eastern concept)

This is the blog of a person who writes to sort out their thoughts and feelings. I am longwinded. I am prone to doodling. I am emotional. I also don't believe in leaving all the cards out on the table, hence the transitional availability of entries. (You snooze, you lose, virtual stalkers you!)

I do not play the social network game.
Don't expect automatic friends back. I really do keep things that are private, private, and it's pretty unlikely I will open things up to just anyone. I don't play the social-network game because I don't write the typical social-networking entry.

I do remove accounts from my f-list that are inactive and/or from folks who appear to not read anything I ever write (public and private). My apologies if I offend your sensibilities, but I am not inclined to allowing entries to accidentally enter the public domain through abandoned accounts.

Please do not use public journal posts to discuss my distinctive personal details -_-. I will send you virtual poo if you do.


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